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In order to achieve MDA's goal of growing Dressage in the Mid-South, Clinicians are brought in primarily to help our local professionals continue their education so that they, in turn, can "trickle down" what they learn to their students.


Our clinics are always open to the public

and are usually free to audit.

Auditing at times can be as educational as actually participating in a clinic as a rider and we encourage you to audit even if we are unable to find you a spot to ride in a clinic.  

On the right are a few of the clinicians that we bring in regularly to MDA.

Tom Noone 2/22-2/23/2020
Martin Kuhn 6/27-6/28/20
Claudio Oliveira
Amanda Bailey
Amanda Bailey from Jonesboro Arkansas teaches at MDA on Thursdays.
Debbie Hill
Debbie Hill from Palm City Florida comes to MDA as often as she can (usually 2-4 times per year)
James Koford
James Koford
Olivia Lagoy-weltz
Melissa Jackson
Vera Munderloh
Vera Munderloh first rider of Anja Beran 4/2-4/3/2018
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The Mid-South Dressage Academy is a non-profit organization established in 2004 to promote Dressage in the Mid-South.

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