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Natasja Kraska

Natasja Kraska is an ORUN certified instructor from the Netherlands.  Natasja came to the US with her beloved Windsor  in 2014 and earned her and a USDF Silver Medal & Gold Medals on him 2016-2018.


Natasja meets each horse and rider where they are in their training and works to create a positive and enriching environment aimed at empowering development and improvement.  She uses gymnastic exercises to aid in suppling and straightening  her horses in a way that is respectful to both horse and rider.  She believes in the importance of the horse carrying the rider gracefully without suffering harm or discomfort.  Her passion for horses, knowledge of her craft and love of classical equestrian arts shines through her teaching.

Natasja's mentor's include Anja Beran

CContact Natasja directly to schedule a lesson (901) 502 -0079


Natasja Offers :


Haul-in Lessons - $65


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