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TurkeyTrot 11/21-11/22/2020
Judge: Judy Downer "S" & Paula Briney "r"
TD: Joe Coleman
Opening: 10/12/2020
Closed: 10/21/2020 (on a wait list)
Cancelled Bunny Hop Dressage 3/28-3/29/2020
Cancelled  Spring Time I &II 5/2-5/3/20
Judge: Joan Darnell & Barbara Ebner
TD: Joe Coleman
Opening: 3/23/2020
Closing: 4/20/2020
Summer Solstice 6/20-6/21/2020
Judge: Tami Batts
TD: Joyce Hardesty
Opening: 5/20/20
Closing: 6/09/20
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MDA Awards Program 

Attend (2)of our 4 

Show weekends

Two Highest scores per level

will be averaged (must be from 2 different judges)

Awards will be presented at 

Our Awards dinner in January each year.

The Mid-South Dressage Academy is a non-profit organization established in 2004 to promote Dressage in the Mid-South.

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