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New for 2024: 

Working Equitation Tests

will be offered at all schooling Shows

Clinic Rides with Schooling Show Judges

will now be offered Sat PM & Sunday AM before shows

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The Mid-South Dressage Academy offers year end awards for the schooling show series.  Academy Awards Ceremony is Saturday Evening after Bunny Hop

A minimum of two scores from two different judges per level is all that is required to qualify.  All other scores are dropped so show as often as you like :)

Schooling Show Ribbons:

Blue   >65%           Year End (Red/Blue/Yellow)

Red  62>64.999     Year End (Yellow/Red/White)

Yellow 59>61.999   Year End (Yellow/White)

White 56>58.999    Year End (White/Grey)


Costume wearers receive a prize for each costume and will Qualify for "Costume Diva Awards"


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